Who We Are

We are a team of real estate professionals who believe high quality appraisals delivered with expert service are critical to successful mortgage lending operations. AXIS provides clients with real estate appraisals completed by local, talented appraisers who are compensated well above industry standards. We link lenders to highly experienced local appraisers to complete AIR compliant appraisals. AXIS is supported by a staff with significant industry experience, and utilizes a team approach focused on customer service. Clients who partner with AXIS can rest assured that their appraisals drive the most profitable risk decisions, while maintaining strict quality control and compliance standards.

That is the AXIS Advantage.

Our History

AXIS was founded by Michael Simmons, a lending professional, and Kim Perotti, a manager at a top-tier appraisal firm, who had a great working relationship in the years prior to HVCC (now AIR). When HVCC hit in 2009, Michael was fearful of appraisal management companies that would send un-vetted appraisers 25 miles from their offices to do appraisals in areas they were unfamiliar with, and Kim’s firm was equally reticent to work with unknowledgeable AMCs that would pay a small fraction of the fee they collected for the appraisal. These two professionals decided they had a better idea – to develop an appraisal management company that respected the hard work done by competent, local appraisers, and served lenders, borrowers and brokers by providing reliable, timely, and accurate appraisals. The founders believed strongly that within the new landscape of HVCC/AIR, value, customer service, and accuracy should not be sacrificed. They ultimately created a company that spans the entire country and serves some of the largest banks and most sophisticated mortgage brokers in the industry.

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