Managing R and R


After a long cold winter, everyone is looking forward to some well-deserved time off. Although the market is still hot, the battery is most likely a little low after several months of burning the midnight oil.

At AXIS we understand and encourage the practice of occasionally unplugging from the regular day-to-day schedule and taking some time to recharge and refresh. The benefits are numerous and proven. Lowering stress and increasing performance and productivity are just a few advantages recognized after taking a vacation.

That said, we also acknowledge how difficult it can be for some of our partners to get away. Let’s face it, we work in a highly competitive industry that rarely sleeps and time is of the essence. When something needs to be done, it typically needs to be done yesterday.

That’s why it is very important to implement a game plan to address unforeseen necessities in your business when you’re out of pocket. While most of our partners are very good at having a plan of action during this time, there are others that haven’t considered this important issue in anticipation of getting away. When this happens, it makes things extremely difficult for everyone involved. Let’s not forget, there are real people behind these assignments and they are managing timelines around one of the largest transactions of their lifetime. Talk about stress!

Below are a few examples of ways to address this concern:

  • Set your Mercury account to out of office so you don’t receive requests for additional work you know you will not be able to complete. You also need to consider when it is best to make this move. If you plan on totally disconnecting while away, you need to consider making this change up to two weeks prior to your departure.
  • Set up an out of office email that provides details regarding your time away and instruction on how to address concerns that can’t wait for your return to the office.
  • Partner with another appraiser in your area who you trust and can cover concerns as they arise. They should be able to contact you while you’re away so you can collaborate on solutions. While this will temporarily increase their workload, I’m sure you can arrange to return the favor.
  • Set aside some time while away to take care of emergency issues. While this isn’t ideal, many appraisers are mobile when it comes to where and how they work. With today’s technology, many appraisers can access and make necessary changes/corrections to reports from almost anywhere. I highly suggest you set a specific time aside to check email, messages and address revision requests. Be sure to include these specifics in your out of office email. Click HERE for additional information about becoming mobile.
  • Communication, communication, communication. When all else fails, communication is key. Be transparent and clear regarding your plans and how items can be addressed while you’re away. Providing information and setting reasonable expectations goes a long way in managing these concerns.

I’m sure everyone agrees that completing an assignment and not being available to address post delivery concerns is unfair and inconsiderate to all who are relying on a timely completion of a transaction. However, a little planning and preparation go a long way in managing acceptable expectations and elevating these potentially contentious situations.

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